Beard Brush

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The Beard Octane Beard Brush is gentle on your face, unlike the competitor's wire beard brushes at twice the cost.  This is one beard tool that should be in every bearded man's tool box.  It is commonly asked, "how long should my beard be, before utilizing a beard brush?".  Almost immediately!  Whether you have a majestic chin curtain or are just starting out with some stubble, you need a beard brush!  The Beard Octane Beard Brush is designed to gently exfoliate your facial skin, prepping the foundation for your up and coming beard.  The shortened Boars Hair bristles will also help tame your facial fur, while evenly distributing its natural oils.  The Beard Octane Beard Brush bristles are curved, allowing them to come into contact with the natural contrasts of your face.  In addition, the Beard Octane Beard Brush has grooves engraved into the wooden handle, allowing you to maintain a firm grip while taming your facial fur!


  • Beechwood
  • Boar Hair Bristles