Switch Blade Horn Pocket Comb

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Genuine Ox Horn Pocket Comb

"The tines are perfectly split and the strong ox horn material make this an excellent comb to easily run through my stiff beard hairs. An excellent product to say the least." ~ Abe A.

Material:  100% Natural Ox Horn
Size:  90mm x 40mm x 4mm 
Color: Colors Vary Widely (see images for variation examples)
Additional Info: Anti Static

**Every single comb is unique in color because of the natural pigment variation in the ox horn from one comb to another - a genuine sign of authenticity!  Also sizes and shapes vary but the average comb is about 4 inches long.

Some Other Great Benefits of the Ox Horn Pocket Comb

Keep Beard Well Groomed. You can use it by running it through your beard hairs to keep your beard well-groomed & clean. 
Keep Beard Hairs Straight & Fresh. You can also use it to straighten your beard and improve hair quality.
Distribute Beard Oils & Butters. You can use the peach wood comb after applying beard oil or beard butters by making sure you evenly distribute your beard grooming products.
Portable Size. The short length makes this beard comb the perfect companion to take with you on travels or just about anywhere you go!